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In the Flesh
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"When my ego lets go of my end of the bone to focus instead on the love that is precisious to me then I shall be free."

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June, 13, 2005 "It's great to be asked to help Bob raise public awareness on the issues of third world debt and poverty. The cynics will scoff, screw 'em! Also, to be given the opportunity to put the band back together, even if it's only for a few numbers, is a big bonus." (Roger Waters 'bout Pink Floyd reunion Live G8 July 2 2005)

On January, 15, 2005 Roger Waters has changed to the habit "don't shine" in every possible TV-shows,
sung a song " Wish You Were Here " during prime time of a charitable telethon
" The Tsunami - Concert for HOPE organization ".

On January, 21, 2005 I have finished record of the cover version Roger Waters's songs
" The Tide Is Turning ( After Live Aid ) " -

AFTER LIVE AID - TWO ( Radio K/A/O/S/ Tribute ) \ mp3PRO - 3,40 MB

Please listen!
I hope, that this song will enter in my " new album Radio W.A.T.E.R.S. "
Описание шоу Radio K.A.O.S.(часть1)
Описание шоу Radio K.A.O.S.(часть2)